January 28, 2013

Name Change in UCSC Google

On January 29 at 8AM, ITS is making a change to how your first and last name appear in UCSC Google Apps. What ever your first and last name is in the Campus Directory, that is how your name will appear in Google. You are allowed to edit your name fields in the Campus Directory. 
For example, if your legal name is Margaret Smith and you like to go by Peggy Smith, make sure your first name in the first field in your Campus Directory profile is Peggy. We are only using the first fields of the first and last names to populate Google. This is a good time to double check your Campus Directory information and make changes at: http://campusdirectory.ucsc.edu/

Please note: If you decide to change your profile name in Google+ to something different from your Campus Directory name, that Google+ name will take precedence and displayed on all of your UCSC Google Apps.

If you have questions or need help, please contact the ITS Support Center