August 21, 2013

5 Exciting Gmail and Google Drive Updates

It's hard to keep up with every single change Google makes to their products since they release hundreds of updates every year. I try to highlight the "big" updates in this blog specific to UCSC, but here are 5 exciting "little" updates worth mentioning that took place this summer to Gmail and Google Drive.

To summarize: 
  • Pasting a Google Spreadsheet into Gmail
  • Full-screen option for Gmail compose
  • Custom bullets and numbered lists for Google Docs
  • Recommended links for highlighted text in Docs
  • Spell check an entire Google Doc at once
The most recent update to Google Docs allows you to search for actions inside of Google Docs, which is a pretty revolutionary feature. Instead of manually finding an action in the Docs menu, you can actually search for it and perform the action directly from the search bar!

For more details on each of these updates, please read 5 Gmail and Google Drive Updates you Missed Over this Summer by Google Gooru. Thanks Gooru!

Lisa Bono
ITS Communication Manager