December 11, 2013

Calendar Events that Update when Google Groups Change

This is a great new feature Google rolled out to our UCSC domain last week! When you join, invite someone to join, or directly add them to a Google Group, that person will automatically be added to all of the Group's meetings in Google Calendar. 

And if you leave the Google Group or remove someone, those Group meetings will automatically be removed from that person's calendar. 
Now you don't have to worry about missing your new team's meetings or having your calendar overrun by events that no longer matter!

Here's the kicker...this new feature only applies to new calendar events placed on the calendar after Dec. 5. You can still apply it to existing meetings (placed on the calendar prior to Dec. 5) by re-inviting the Google Group to the meeting. 

Please note:
It's takes about 5 minutes for the new Group member to show up (or be removed) on the calendar event. 

If you have never invited a Google Group to a meeting in Google Calendar, it's the easiest and most efficient way to invite substantial numbers of people at the same time. More information about inviting Groups to calendar events.