March 9, 2017

Google Hangouts won’t work on Firefox 52

Mozilla Corporation has announced that it has ended support for browser plugins in its latest Firefox 52 version release in order to ensure better browser performance, security and improved user experience. 

Because Google Hangouts in Firefox currently relies on browser plugins to enable video and audio calls, users of Hangouts will not be able to make audio or video calls in the latest Firefox 52 release. 

Google is actively working to develop a solution that will enable Hangouts to work in Firefox without a plugin. In the meantime, ITS recommends you use one of these supported browsers:
Please note that Hangouts Chat will continue to work in Firefox 52. 

Other impacts: 

With this latest version 52.0.1, Firefox no longer supports Netscape Plugin APIs (NPAPI). This includes Java, Silverlight and Acrobat among others (but not Flash). Campus business system support staff have been contacted to alert their clients about issues with Java.