December 19, 2012

Google+ Now Available to UCSC

ITS is pleased to announce that Google+ is now available to UCSC Google accounts starting December 19.
Google+ is a social networking tool that introduces new ways for you to connect, communicate, and collaborate with other Google+ users. When Google+ is available for your UCSC Google account, you will see a +You on the top black banner when you log in. 

If you decide to use Google+, the +You will change to your name, e.g., +Sammy. 
Google requires all users of Google+ to be at least 13 years old. If you decide to use Google+, enter your birth date carefully when prompted for it, because if you enter an age that makes you appear to be under 13, your entire UCSC Google account—including email and calendar—will be locked out. If this happens, please contact the ITS Support Center.

In addition, if you decide to change your profile name in Google+, the name displayed on all of your UCSC Google Apps, including Email, Calendar, Groups, and Docs/Drive, will use the name from your Google+ profile. This will not affect the name displayed in any other UC or UCSC applications that use your CruzID.

Google+ is a consumer app service that has its own, separate contract and terms and conditions through Google. You must also still adhere to UC policies and procedures in your use of your account. More information at:

For an overview of Google+, visit:
For details on using Google+, see: