April 15, 2014

Google Docs Just Got Better with Add-Ons

Last month, Google announced one of the biggest updates to Google Drive Docs and Sheets. The new Add-ons feature for Docs and Sheets makes it really easy to bring some advanced functionality, or just some missing features, to your Drive files.

The Add-ons are created by third-party developers (and a few Google originals) that you install to your documents to add features that you weren't able to do before, like sign documents, create customized email templates, make name tags and mailing labels, track changes (just like Word!), and easily create a mail-merge, plus so much more. The new Add-ons include 40 free options to choose from. UCSC Use of Free Services

Please note: Add-ons are only available in Google Drive Documents in the UCSC domain at this time. Add-ons will be coming to Google Drive Sheets soon. 

To get started go to Google Drive and select the new "Add-ons" tab from within any Google document, then select "get add-ons." From there, you can browse all the Add-ons and choose which ones to try. Once the Add-on is installed, it can be used immediately across all of your documents in Google Drive.

View this video to learn more:

Seven of the best new Add-ons from Google Gooru
Google Add-on announcement

Posted by: Lisa Bono