April 10, 2014

Google+ Hangouts in Google Calendar

You can add a Hangout to any Google Calendar event with just one click! Guests you invite will be able to join the video call by clicking on the calendar event and selecting the "Join video call" link. 

What is a Hangout?

UCSC staff, faculty, and students are quickly discovering the enormous benefits of using Google+ Hangouts to communicate with each other, either for those short 30 minute conversations to those 2-3 hour meetings. Instead of driving to and from campus for meetings, try a Hangout instead!

Hangouts is a free video conferencing tool that is part of Google+ and the suite of UCSC Google Consumer Apps services. You can use Hangouts in Google+ or as part of the Video Call feature in Google Calendar and in Gmail Chat. More information about Hangouts

Creating Calendar Events with Hangouts

If you have never started a Hangout, you first need to install the video plugin on your computer. It's free and downloads in seconds. Download Video PluginYou also need to have an active Google+ profile. Learn more about Google+

When creating a new event in your Google Calendar, you will see the link to Add video call under the "Where" section on the event detail page, and clicking on it will add a Hangout to the event. Guests you invite will have the option to Join the video call to participate in the Hangout. If you don’t want a Hangout for a particular event, click Remove next to the video call link.

Joining a Calendar Event Hangout

Guests who have been invited to an event can participate in a Hangout by clicking on the Join video call link in the event bubble or event page. Guests must be a Google+ user to join a Hangout. If a guest is not currently a Google+ user, they'll see a suggestion to sign up for Google+ and then be able to join the Hangout.

Google Hangouts is a self-supported service and a Google Consumer App. The best resource for support is the Google Hangout Help Center which contains official Google support documentation.

Posted by: Lisa Bono