March 14, 2014

Google Docs Phishing Scam Alert

Please be advised of an email phishing scam targeting Google Docs and Drive users. 

This email scam uses a simple subject of "Documents" and urges you to view an important document on Google Drive by clicking on the included link. Of course, the link doesn't go to a Google Doc, but it does go to Google, where a very convincing fake Google login page is shown. Many people may enter their credentials without a second thought. After pressing "Sign in" the person’s credentials are sent to a scammer.

To ensure that you're protected against such scams, don't click on any links you receive in unsolicited emails. If you don't know who the email is from - DELETE IT!

If you have a question or replied to the scam email, please contact the ITS Support Center. Thank you!

Posted by: Lisa Bono