March 14, 2014

Google Statement on Privacy and Security in Google Apps

There has been a few stories in the industry press recently, attempting to prove, incorrectly, that Google doesn’t honor it’s commitment to provide Apps for Education customers with an advertisement free and secure service. Google has now written a simple and clear statement on the security/privacy protections built in to Google Apps for Education. It's worth a read...

A summary of Google's statement is below, but you can also read the full text here:

A few important things to know about Google Apps for Education: 

1) Ads in Gmail are turned off - Google has no plans to change this in the future.
2) Google offers additional security, administrative and archiving controls for education customers. 
3) Google does not scan information stored in Google Drive or Doc to target ads to Apps for Education customers. 
4) Google does not share personal information with companies, organizations or individuals outside of Google. Google Privacy Policy
5) The data we (UCSC) put into Google's system is OUR data. 
6) Google offers education customers a number of additional controls and security features: 99.9% uptime, 24/7 customer support, greater storage capacity, and the ability for ITS to turn certain features on and off for our UCSC domain. 
7) Google also keeps us safe by filtering out spam and looking out for viruses and malware. 

Contract and Security

UCSC Core Google Apps are governed by a contract between the University of California and Google. View contract --- View security information 

Posted by: Lisa Bono, UC Santa Cruz
Author: Mally Mclane, University of Bristol