June 26, 2015

New! Access Google Photos from Drive

Beginning today, when you access your UCSC Google Drive you will see a pop-up notice introducing Google Photos. Click Got it and the Google Photo link is added to your Drive's left side navigation. 

How Google Drive works with Google Photos

You can view and manage your photos and videos in both Google Photos and Google Drive. You can also create a Google Photos folder in your "My Drive," to organize your photos and videos into folders. 

Your Google Photos library includes photos and videos that's been uploaded using Picasa, Google+ Photos, or Google Photos. In Google Drive, you can move your photos and videos from your Google Photos library into folders. Things you should know:
  • The folder names and organization you create in Google Drive will not be reflected in Google Photos. 
  • If you edit a photo in Google Photos, those edits don't show in the Drive version of the photo. To have the edited photo appear in your Drive folder, download the edited photo in Google Photos and upload it to your Drive folder. 
  • You can copy, move, and edit photos in Google Drive, but those changes will not be reflected in Google Photos. 
  • IMPORTANT When you delete individual photos or videos from Google Drive, they are also deleted from Google Photos. 
  • By default, your photos and videos are private unless you choose to share them. If you share your Google Photos folder in Drive, the people you shared with can see any new photos and videos that are added to the folder.
Start using Google Photos in Drive
  1. Open up your UCSC Google Drive drive.google.com. Login with your CruzID and Blue password.
  2. You will first see a pop-up notice introducing Google Photos. Click Got it.
  3. Turn on the setting that creates a Google Photos folder in your "My Drive" area by clicking the blue Add folder to My Drive button.
  4. In the upper right, click the gear icon and then Settings. Next to "Automatically put your Google Photos into a folder in My Drive," check the box and then Done
  5. Click the arrow next to My Drive on the left. Select the Google Photos folder. 
    Your photos and videos will be organized into folders that are grouped by year. Select the photos and videos you'd like to organize. At the top right, click the options icon and then Move to. Select the folder you want to move your photos to and then Move.
For more information about How Google Photos works in Google Drive visit: Google Support

Article posted by Lisa Bono