October 29, 2015

Best Ways to Increase Your Privacy in Drive and Gmail

These tips allow you to maintain your privacy while also making full use of Google Apps collaborative capabilities. Share individual tabs of a Google Sheet or retract an email you mistakenly sent the night before, these are Google Gooru's four favorite ways to increase your privacy in Google Apps.

1. Hide Private Information in a Google Doc

Google’s sharing settings are only capable of sharing an entire Doc or keeping an entire Doc private. Here's how to hide only specific information in a Google Doc:  

2. Share Only Specific Tabs in a Google Sheet

Sometimes you want to share one tab of a spreadsheet while keeping the other tabs private. Protecting the cells prevents collaborators from editing particular tabs but they can still view the contents, so it is not a valid solution. Here's how to share individual tabs in a Google Sheet:

3. Prevent People From Downloading, Copying or Printing Your Drive Files 

Learn how to prevent people from downloading, copying, or printing your Google Drive files. It is still possible to take a picture of a document and then print or share that picture. But even so, this is a big leap forward in Drive security!

4. Retract an Email Right From The Recipient's Inbox 

Sending an email by mistake is a small disaster that can affect all of us. Although there is an option in Gmail to undo a sent email, the feature only works up to 30 seconds after you hit send. Sometimes that is too short a time to notice your error. Learn how to retract an email right from the recipient's inbox days or weeks after you have sent it:

Article edited and posted by Lisa Bono, written by Google Gooru