September 26, 2018

Google Tasks added to UCSC Google Apps

Google Tasks has been added as a new core service to the UCSC Google Apps, which already includes Gmail, Drive, Calendar, Groups, Sites, Classrooms, Hangouts and Chat.

Previously, Tasks was an added feature to Gmail and Calendar. Now, as a UCSC Google core service, Tasks can be used as a standalone app.

What is Tasks?

Google Tasks can help organize your tasks and keep track of deadlines. Tasks synchronizes across all your devices and is implemented within Gmail, Google Calendar, and the Tasks mobile apps.

It is simple to use Google Tasks with both Gmail and Calendar - you can access your lists on the right side of the page by clicking on the Tasks icon on either app.

You can create and name lists to organize different tasks. For example, all tasks related to work can be added under a list named “Work” and personal tasks can be added to a different list with a different name.

For more details on how to use the Tasks service, check out Tasks Help.