October 26, 2018

New Team Drives Role and Names

Google has updated Team Drives with a new membership role and has renamed the membership names.
The existing roles for Team Drives memberships have been renamed to the following:
  • “Full access” is now “Manager.” 
  • “Edit access” is now “Contributor.” 
  • “Comment access” is now “Commenter.” 
  • “View access” is now “Viewer.” 
  • Coming soon! There is also a new role Google will add named “Content manager."

Content Manager - New Team Drive Role

The new role called Content Manager is the new default for membership.

People with the Content Manager role will be able to edit, move, and delete files, but cannot modify the membership of a particular Team Drive.

Get Started Using Team Drives

Team Drives is ideal for groups of colleagues who often collaborate on documents together, such as work groups or project teams. Anyone at UCSC can create a Google Team Drive and share ownership of that Drive — as well as any documents stored there —making it easy for all team members to share in the responsibility of organizing and maintaining the files. Get Started!